Lewis Center Family Dentistry is excited to offer an affordable in-house SMILE SAVERS PLAN to help you obtain quality dental care! Your BENEFITS include:

               – 2 routine dental cleanings each 12 month benefit period               

               – 2 dental exams provided by Dr. Sarle each 12 month benefit period
               – 1 set of diagnostic x-rays each 12 month benefit period
               – 1 panographic x-ray (provided at 3 year intervals)
               – 1 emergency exam per 12 month benefit period
               – Oral cancer screening

               – Receive a 15% discount on all dental services that we offer

This plan is available to you for:

$319 per 12 month benefit period* for each adult
$219 per 12 month benefit period* for each participant up to age 21

NO waiting period. . .your benefits are immediate
NO deductible and NO annual maximum
NO pre-authorization of dental services
NO exclusion for pre-existing conditions
NO age limit

And. . . you can pay for your dental services from your HSA or Flexible Spending Accounts!

Limitations and Exclusions:

Plan available only at Perry W. Sarle DMD
No other discounts are applicable (i.e. senior or cash discounts)
Non-refundable and non-transferable
Annual enrollment fee and program features are subject to change annually
Benefits must be completed during year of enrollment and cannot be carried over
Excludes service which, in the opinion of the attending dentist, are neither necessary or recommended for the patient’s health
Excludes services that cannot be performed because of the patient’s physical or mental health
Excludes any services for which you are referred out of our office (i.e. endodontist, oral surgeon, periodontist etc.)

This in-house SMILE SAVERS PLAN is NOT dental insurance and cannot be combined with any other dental insurance plans.  if a patient begins coverage under a traditional dental insurance plan, he/she is no longer elibible to participate. There is no refund of annual fees paid.

Cancellation of a dental appointment with less than 24 hours notice may result in a fee.